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What if . . ?

April 24, 2019 | Frank Bonanno

What if you had a Kitchen without Boundaries?

What if you started the day reading recipes as though they were stories? (Oh you would think, I have a story to tell)

What if you walked into a kitchen filled with other people whose days started the same way? (And you talked about what you’d been reading, exchanging ideas, honing the story. Perfecting it.)

What if the dishes those conversations inspired ended up on a menu?

What if you could order any ingredient you desired to execute those dishes?

What if you had access to the exact perfect vessels to house your creations?

What if you could order really geeky tools to showcase your culinary strengths? (Not toys. Not gadgets. Tools.)

What if a knife vendor came to you monthly?

What if you could pursue any culinary interest and be enthusiastically supported in that endeavor? (Would you develop a living yeast from fallen apples and name her Annie [Brandon]? Would you line the basement office with a micro-green farm or build a smoker from a water heater [Tony]? Would you purchase whole pigs at auction and teach your interns how to break them down [Marty]? Would you cure meats the way your grandma used to [Mike], and age cheeses until the unprocessed milk in your personal refrigerator was discovered and banned [James]? Would you develop your own micro-brew to accompany the autumn menu [Royce]? Would you grow roses for jam [Liz]?)

–Would you?

What if when you made a mistake, the professionals you surrounded yourself with didn’t let it slide? (And you appreciated the way they elevated you)

What if you actually got to see the guests you were cooking for? (And they thanked you on their way out the door)

What if you knew that this job, this Kitchen without Boundaries, could springboard your career?

What if this Kitchen without Boundaries provided the mentorship and experience to open your own restaurant (Alex, Philippe, Royce, Rebecca, Taylor, Jon, Rob, Steve, Justin, Jordan, Kayla . . .)

Nearly twenty years ago I created my own work space, my ideal line, a Kitchen without Boundaries. The first time I stepped away from cooking every night on the Mizuna line to open Luca, Jeffry Saudo came in to those tight quarters and owned that room, that position, that beauty and freedom. As the years progressed, the Mizuna kitchen has continued to be the Room of Requirement for whoever steps into those clogs, and I’m continually awed by its evolution.

Think about it, as a cook, it’s just the coolest thing ever. What if you could cook at Mizuna?