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New York Trip

August 30, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

New York is the best food city in the world. Ryan Gaudin and I just got inspired there toward a pizzeria we’re opening here in Denver. What a trip. If I could cook a restaurant using ingredients from that one night in The City, here’s what I’d incorporate: The energy from Balthazar—probably my favorite that
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August 15, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

The tastiest farm animals eat and move in a natural way–cows that graze on grasses inthe open air; chickens that eat insects, greens, and grains; pigs that forage forpests and decaying matter. Usually the tastiest animals are young, too; beforethey’ve had a chance to develop tough muscles and while their bodies are stillfatty from milk
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June 30, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

I’m lucky to be a chef in Colorado. This land produces some unbelievable food, tender, tasty game, vegetables and fruits (especially pitted, but that’s much later in the season) with such crisp, sweet profiles, perfect and abundant. I like the hint April gives to the yield of the months ahead. For me, the first culinary
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Fancy cocktails and a little dessert . . .

June 28, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

Fancy cocktails and a little dessert . . . (Bitters, brandy, turnovers and caramels) One good thing always leads to another, which is how eight bags of cherries turned into brandy and tarts. The cherries at the farmers’ market were just too good to pass up—dark and sweet, home grown—a juicy invitation on a summer
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Fresh Summer Salad

June 21, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

We’ve got shallots, parsley, basil and watercress going crazy in the garden at home. In trying to use up as much as I can before summer’s heat destroys the lot, I scrounged up some blood oranges, and put together a giant salad for a barbecue. Thought it might be nice to post the recipe. Some
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May 31, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

A few months back, my buddy Ramey came back from San Francisco raving about a burrata cheese she’d discovered in a restaurant there. I’d never tried that particular cheese before, so I researched online, found the exact source her restaurant was using, and ordered some for our staff to try. We loved it, and the
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May 23, 2007 | Frank Bonanno

In trying to promote the discussion of locally driven menus, I look first to my home garden and farmers’ markets. Right now Denver is enjoying a great, wet, productive, promising season. The first week in April, I planted some Arugula (rocket) in my home garden, and I’ve been able to cook with it for weeks
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