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French Scrambled Eggs

July 25, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

A Story I proposed to Jacqueline nearly 20 years ago just before we boarded the plane to France on a wine trip hosted by the awesome Mel Masters. It was truffle season, and the goal was to hit as many wineries and restaurants as humanly possible within the span of a week. At the time,
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Betty Crocker Isn’t as Awesome as My Wife

June 30, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

At the end of every summer, just when I think I can’t take the heat for a single more day, in walks Jacqueline set to bake. Every year, hot as hell, she’s turning on the oven and peeling peaches. Thing is, I can’t complain because I know a thing or two about suffering through a
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A Fish Story

June 23, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

I love fishing. My father was an avid angler, crazy for the sport. That’s him at the bottom of this post. An old newspaper clipping, he’s the handsome guy holding the shark’s head. My dad could spend entire days laughing with a group on the ocean, or alone in his head with the fish and
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Go Dutch, Baby

April 30, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

That’s me flipping pancakes at Frontier Days in Cheyenne. It’s the largest pancake breakfast in the world, and for awhile afterwards I binged pancake cooking. Every morning and many nights I tried different thicknesses and flavors until I got it out of my system pretty much forever. Then Jacqueline made Dutch Babies for breakfast one
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Nothing Beats a Family Meal

April 10, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

Nothing sets the tone for a good night like a great meal. Marco, my son, has been having a tough week (that’s his arm in the picture, reaching for a thigh). He’s an official bench warmer on his lacrosse team. He was, not kidding, kicked out of a class called Gospel Values.  Twice. A recent
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The Benefits of Kitchen Typing

January 27, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

I cook a lot. I mean a whole lot. Forget that it’s my livelihood, and that on any given night I might be cooking on one of nine professional lines or in the DaVita kitchen, or for Chef Driven. I cook for my family, too–maybe three breakfasts a week for my sons, and a couple
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January 6, 2017 | Frank Bonanno

I’m on a little cooking show called Chef Driven. The show was a envisioned as a way for me to take people on a food journey–no, an ingredient journey–through the lens of chef who’s also a restaurateur. I’d get to trace the food I serve in my restaurants back to its origins, to put faces and
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