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Coffee & Cocktails

Salita: /sa’lita/ Italian. Climb or ascend

From Quang Ho’s “Ascend,” to the team procured from iconic Green Russell. . . A little corner bar inspired by Denver artistry, craft and spirit with a touch of Italian glam.

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When we closed the doors to Green Russell on January 1st, 2023, staff took exactly one day to mourn. On January 2nd, we convened at the former Lou’s Food Bar space armed with acrylic paint and wallpaper and a really good Italian disco playlist. Crouching over various projects with sawdust in our hair and paint under our nails, we listened to the low thrumming of voices and laughter next door at Vesper Lounge, full to the brim of drinkers utterly unaware that just beyond the antique shutter doors, something new and lovely was coming to life. This is Salita. Coffee by day, cocktails by night. Happy, glam, full of love. You’re in good hands.

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You might just be a morning person now…

Our coffee sizes are Big and Giant, because what’s the fun if you’re rattling ice cubes around and gasp-sucking out of the straw by the time you get to the car? All the craft of our cocktail program, with lots of whimsy to wake you up. And that other sweet smell when you walk in? It’s the donut machine upstairs, popping out perfectly golden cinnamon sugar hoops all morning. So good dunked in a latte…

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Private Parties

Cocktail classes, intimate receptions and buzzy happy hours

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