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Beautiful food on 7th and Sherman

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There is such a thing as a perfect dining experience. We provide it.

Beautiful little Mizuna is consistently rated among the best dining experiences in the country.

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A neighborhood American eatery firmly rooted in French cooking techniques, Mizuna aims to marry tight, professional service with culinary mastery. With a menu that changes monthly to reflect the bounty of each season (on land and by sea), Mizuna is the flagship restaurant to Bonanno Concepts, Frank Bonanno’s iconic, chef driven restaurant group.

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A Culinary Incubator

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Though Mizuna’s solely open for dinner, our chefs start their days with the sun.

They’re creating rich stocks from farm raised meats and wild fishes, kneading yeasty doughs, slicing the juicy hearts of ripe vegetables, spinning fresh ice creams. They taste and select cheeses, herbs and produce from local vendors like The Truffle, Verde Growing and Mountain Produce. Mizuna chefs collaborate to change the menu every month and each item on that menu is a thoughtful representation of the passion of the chef who created it—the expression of a talented palate committed to simple yet intense flavors and aromas, creating a truly unique tasting menu experience in Denver. Come; see what the season has to offer.

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Host an Event

The tight professionalism and particular coziness of Mizuna renders large celebrations intimate and small gatherings personal and extraordinary. We can even bring the Mizuna experience directly to you.

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