My Bonanno Life in Valentines: A Chronological List

My Bonanno Life in Valentines: A Chronological List

My Bonanno life in Valentines: a chronological list

1. We signed the paperwork to purchase Mizuna on Valentine’s Day, 2001.
2. Earlier that afternoon, Frank and I inked the mortgage for our first home
3. Our first Mizuna’s Valentine’s (with over 200 spots reserved at our 48 seat restaurant) Frank and I wound up in the hospital, welcoming our first son, Luca.
4. Luca d’Italia opened on Valentine’s Day, 2003. I found out I was pregnant with Marco after Friends and Family
5. On Valentine’s Day 2006, my son Luca stopped tolerating his epilepsy medication and his seizure that lasted eleven minutes. That’s a whole other story with a fabulous outcome
6. Server goes to his car to grab a notepad and falls asleep. February 15 intervention
7. A Valentine’s flash flood at French 75 forces the chefs to cook without exhaust. A slew of guests dine over candles in a restaurant without electricity}
8. We (and lots of other restaurants) offered our first take away dinners for 2 in 2021.
9. Salita opened on Valentine’s Day
10. In a very choreographed Mizuna proposal, she said no
11. In a very choreographed French 75 proposal, he said yes

Every year on February 14 we are called upon to stop and look at romance, look at love and contemplate skin and life’s quirky beauty. There are balloons on sticks and fluffy animals and flowers on street corners and couples trickling into restaurants to fight or eat or love and, really,

How great is that??

Happy Valentine’s Day!