The Calls I Get at 2am

Jacqueline's restaurant journal lies open, with a list of some of the random calls she's fielded in the middle of the night.
Random calls we receive at 2am

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight, a List of 2am Calls

  • I’m stuck in the mountains and won’t make my shift
  • The wind set off the kitchen motion detector
  • A mouse set off the kitchen motion detector
  • A burglar set off the kitchen motion detector
  • The snow has taken down your awning, which crashed through your windows
  • Collect phonecall from jail
  • When I return from Mexico, I’ll have another name
  • Your manager is asleep in my bar
  • Your manager is locked in our bathroom 
  • Police here responding to an alarm. This couple is naked and they claim they work for you?
  • Police here. There’s a boy dressed as a knight claiming to be your son
  • Police here. There’s a group playing Dungeons and Dragons and who say they work for you?
  • Fire department here. The stocks were left on high and there’s a fire in your kitchen
  • The upstairs pipes burst
  • It’s snowing in the bar
  • We can’t find Anne
  • Frankie, bro, I need more coke (manager calling wrong Frank)
  • There’s a bomb in the hotel next door
  • The ceiling collapsed
  • I’m closing up alone and someone’s playing the piano in the foyer
  • The safe is gone
  • Someone just took the taxidermy from the bathroom wall and is running down the alley with it
  • Public relations director for (famous band) looking for a place our group can unwind after the show
  • Someone’s overdosing on the patio
  • Joe and Sarah had a boy
  • I quit