A Really Big Date

A Really Big Date

We are about to embark on a really important, really Big Date together. To me this is more than hospitality– it’s intimacy. It’s so personal that I’ll create a play list for this night, cast rose petals on the sidewalk for you, hold the door for you and take the umbrella from your hand. I relieve you of your coat, pull out your chair. I’ll  meet your gaze, place my menu in your palm and within our first ten minutes together, I know that you like to sit next to your partner rather than across, and that your body temperature runs hot. I know that you prefer rye to bourbon, that you’re left handed, and that you’re trying to stay away from gluten. I catch your tone as you speak to one another and to my team. When I lean in to brush your crumbs away, I’m floating in your perfume and conversation. I’m a witness to the eye roll of the bite you love, and the lip print you wipe away with your thumb because you’re kind and you’re tidy. I fill the empty glasses and remove your soiled napkins and carry away your spent plates. I adjust the heat and the music for you, pace your dining, and your joy tonight is my joy, too; if you laugh I join you; if I fall short our nights will suffer together. I move between settings—your candle lit, humming, aromatic evening of discovery is a swinging door away from rhythmic chopping, and the clamor of pots and kitchen tools and flames and plates lined at the ready with rims waiting to be shined, trash and plumbing and steam machines and wiping and polishing and the hope of perfection on a finely tuned line that will translate to perfection in a finely tuned dining room.

Every night in a restaurant is like this, but on Valentine’s Night it’s magnified, because it’s a Big Date.

We changed the language on eight menus for you tonight, literally transformed them into valentine cards –origami at Mizuna, old fashioned lunchbox cards for El Rancho, Osteria Marco, and Luca. French valentines for French 75.  Before you crossed the rose petals, our entire team gathered over notes about you and plotted your date: what did you drink last time you were in? How long did you dine? Did we wow each other? How can we build on our story together?

It’s so intimate. Like dancing, but naked on a stage of mirrors, and I’m hoping that the choreography is so perfect that no one will notice our utter humanness and I hate it, hate pouring over reservations, taking copious notes, plotting my outfit, getting carried away in menus. Hate tasting all the food and the wine. Hate this day designed to warm up in the coldest month of the year, going out in spite of the gray light and crunchy snow urging us in, hate replacing muted sweaters and baggy pants with pink and red and glitter and skin. Hate all of that culinary talent on display and the act celebrating one person, to raise a glass and lean into their scent and conversation. To watch their pupils dilate

It’s a Big Date. And I hate that I can’t wait.




Today is a big day for you and us. Why is tonight A Really Big Date? Find out at the link in our bio. ❤️ #bonannoconcepts #datenight #restaurantstory #served #vday #love #denverfood #blog

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